Army Community Services Needs Assessment Survey

Survey questions include...
          Areas in your life where you need assistance
          Areas in our service that we can improve

Participation is voluntary.

Army Community Service (ACS) needs to gather important information from you in order to deliver the most effective programs and services to your military community.  It is important that the data is representative of all Service Members and their Families, Retirees and Civilians on this installation.

THE SURVEY IS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.  Please be confident and candid in answering the questions.  All responses will be treated confidentially and will in no way be traceable to individual respondents.

PROVIDE YOUR BACKGROUND INFORMATION.  Your background information is essential for analyzing the data.  It is important for program managers to understand the groups of people utilizing services.

RISKS AND BENEFITS. Installation program managers will use this information to respond better to identified needs and issues that are important to you.  Completion of the survey will take less than 20 minutes and there are no known risks to providing this information. 

Sponsored by: Installation Management Command (IMCOM)

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